Membership in IASP

Association represents by itself the contract affiliation of the enterprises — juridical persons. It was founded on the voluntary affiliation of the participants — incorporators and subsequently affiliated new members.

On behalf of achieving aims, provided by the Article, the Association may form other commercial and noncommercial organizations and affiliate other associations and unions.

The Association is the proprietor of the property compounded of regular and unitary earnings from the participants as well as revenue earned out of Article activity.

Noncommercial organization may have in property or under control buildings, constructions, housing fund, equipment, inventory, monetary funds in rubles and foreign currency, securities and other property.

Noncommercial organization can be the ownership of the land plots.

Juridical persons affiliated in the Association retain their independence and capacity for rights.

The Association does not represent a body of a higher rank in relation to the forming subjects, but the function of coordination of these subjects’ business activity assumes administrative impact to them from the body to which they have voluntary delegated such an authority. As far as no administration is possible without observance of the principal of obligation of administrative decisions, this principal is represented in the Article of Incorporation. On creation of affiliation or joining it, the members of Association have the same scope of civil legal capacity and retain all the characteristics of a juridical person. Thus, the members of affiliations have the right to delegate the part of their authorities to the association on contract terms and consequently accept obligations and to bear contract responsibility.

The Association is not responsible for the liability of its members, but the members of the Association are liable for it, cases and limits of liability of the members are defined by the charter documents, which have subsidiary liability i.e. after the principal obligor — the Association itself.

The member of the Association can withdraw it voluntary. The mechanism of realization of the Association member’s right to withdraw the affiliation is defined by the Article of Incorporation. This mechanism should not reckon any limits for withdrawing.

The practice of the activity of associations shows that functioning of a concrete affiliation depends on forethought of the administrative structure of association, authority of its heads, qualification of executive staff, forethought of the accepted programs and chosen lines of activity as well as on the active position of the members of affiliation. The members of the Association should not wait what it will be with affiliation, but should actively participate in its activity and obtain benefit out of it. Obtaining definite and equal benefit by each enterprise will predestine the success of the Association.