Order of Affiliation in the International Association of Space Activities Participants

Commercial organizations providing space activity which accept responsibility of the member of the Association may affiliate in it in compliance with the Federal Law “About noncommercial organizations” and the Article of Incorporation of IASP.

Admission to the Association is carried out by the Board of the Association with acceptance of all the members of Association (in the period between the General Meetings the approval may be given by the members of the Association in written form sent to the Board of the Association) by virtue of request of the joining member.

The request should be enclosed with:

  1. Properly verified copies of the Charter documents and the State Registration Certificate;
  2. Resolution of a competent authority (body) of a juridical person on affiliation in the Association;
  3. Recommendations of two members of the Association.

The initiate member of the Association gains corresponding rights and bares responsibility from the moment of payment of membership fee.