The role and importance

In modern conditions due to increased competition in the global market space technologies and services, the need to improve efficiency and quality in the delivery of rocket and space technology requires increased coordination of all participants in space activities. Analysis of global processes clearly shows the need to focus the efforts of all participants in space activities, regardless of their organizational and legal forms.

Need to create a self-organizing organization capable of protecting the rights and interests of its members, their effective representation in government and other authorities and organizations, including international.

It should be noted that the ability of government are serious enough to remain the most effective tool in the implementation of economic programs in the field of space activities. Enterprise aerospace industry are independent economic entities in their economic activities are guided by regulations in force in the established field of activity. As of the corporatization of state unitary enterprises will increase the independence of these enterprises and at the same time growing responsibility for the results of economic activity.

Today, businesses are increasingly feel the need to join forces to achieve sectoral interests and the interests of the enterprise. This relationship interests will only increase as the economy of the state. In turn, will steadily increase the role of non-state forms of coordinated management of enterprises, including in the aerospace industry. Establishment of private enterprise management structures necessary to ensure effective planning and coordination of promotional activities on the internal and external markets for products, works (services) in the field of space activities, and it is becoming more actual.

In accordance with applicable law business organizations in order to coordinate their business activities, as well as the presentation and defense of property interests under the contract between them create associations, which themselves act as legal entities and operate under the authority of certain participants.

Such organizational and legal union does not entail legal entities belonging to the association, the loss of their independence (for example, in respect of its property for its obligations, etc.), does not entail a change in their legal capacity, and provides them with some opportunities in the market and advantages: the coordination of joint efforts in the implementation of projects, exchange of experience, getting the right information, mobilization of forces and means, the joint representation and much more.

Associations are established on the grounds of organizational, professional or industrial community, as well as territorial and other characteristics. Association for the dominant feature is the same type of union membership and / or the common goals of the association. One and the same legal entity can simultaneously belong to several associations and unions, reaching their goals and solve different problems.

In the future role and importance of business associations in Russia can and should increase, experts of the Russian market consider. Today in the Russian Federation are created and more than 5.000 associations, in the most part created on branch, professional and regional signs function (Association of the Russian banks, cargo carriers, associations of various levels of business (small, average, in various regions), associations of participants of the stock, raw market, mining operators and other). Gradual "socialization" of business — the inevitable phenomenon in the Russian life, is a tendency of development of world economy. For example, the European space industry is integrated at levels of agencies and noncommercial associations that allows to provide both the centralized management, and mutual support of the enterprises.

The German association of the space enterprises (BDLI) which is a part of the European association of the space and defensive enterprises (ASD), provides an exchange of technical and legal information between the German enterprises, along with development of the consolidated addresses and recommendations to the German government and parliament, and also provides observance of interests of the German industry on the European loss.

Now government authorities effectively provide interaction of national participants of space activity with the European and other foreign partners at the level of agencies and the separate enterprises. In turn, association in association of the enterprises of the space-rocket industry will allow to make use of the international experience and a resource of interaction of producers of the missile and space equipment and technologies, optimizes their expenses at implementation of expensive space programs.

The Russian legislation, stimulates creation of associations of the commercial organizations in the form of associations, antimonopoly regulation is generally reduced to restriction of a number of actions of the associations connected with determination of the prices of products, restriction of access on the market of works, services in space subject, the market section.

Enterprise associations can assume over time noticeable part of functions of operating authorities. And the positive effect from such delegation of powers won't be limited to possible reduction of administrative facilities. Transparency of authorities will increase — also overall effectiveness of their work respectively will increase, so, will be reasons for social discontent less.

On September 12, 2005 at the initiative of the leading Russian enterprises of the space-rocket industry and the enterprises connected with ensuring space activity, was created the International Association of Space Activities Participants (IASP), with placement of its governing authorities in the city of Moscow.

Activity of IASP is defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation, norms of International law and internal documents of the organization.

IASP was created as noncommercial association of the enterprises on a voluntary basis for association of efforts at implementation of joint projects of development of the space-rocket industry, coordination of business activity and advance of production and services in the sphere of space activity to the world markets.

The Association united joint-stock companies and the unitary enterprises which are engaged in development, production of the missile and space equipment and rendering services in the sphere of space activity, and also is open for foreign participants of the space activity, wishing to take part in implementation of joint space programs.

The Association gives practical help to the enterprises, in particular, in coordination of their activity, implementation of projects, an exchange of experience, training, providing information, the organization of orders, sale, advertizing, mobilization of forces and means, joint representation of the enterprises of the space-rocket industry in the markets and many other things. For example, in the field of financing of business projects: attraction of additional resources, replenishment of working capital of the enterprise.

Activity of IASP will help to keep integrity of space-rocket branch, to protect it from any attempts of rash reforming, to adjust and support continuous dialogue with government institutions, to raise a role and value of the space-rocket industry in society, and also to expand the international cooperation in the sphere of space activity.

Association will be easier to defend the interests of each member of the association through work with the representative and executive power structures, participation in lawmaking, lobbying on specific topics, etc.

Organizational and legal form of Association - non-profit organization - doesn't interfere with association for achievement of the authorized purposes to be engaged in business activity. By article 24 of the Act of the Russian Federation "About non-profit organizations" it is defined that the non-profit organization can carry out business activity only so far as it serves achievement of the objectives for the sake of which it is created. Such activity acquisition and implementation of securities, the property and non-property rights, participation in economic societies and participation in associations on belief as the investor admit production of goods making profit and the services answering to the purposes of creation of non-profit organization, and also. Starting situation here is that the association directs gained income on needs of association as a whole.