Goals and the current activities of IASP

The association works within the purposes of activity defined in its Charter. Among the main objectives of Art. 11 of the Law "On the non-profit organization" are defined:

  1. Coordination of business activity of the members of IASP;
  2. Representation and protection of property interests of the organizations;
  3. Methodical management, information support;
  4. Protection of the rights of the members of IASP, legal assistance, including the resolution of disputes and conflicts.

Goals and objectives entrenched in the Charter of IASP, in particular:

  1. Cooperation with companies and organizations contributing to the development of space activities
  2. Development of recommendations about ensuring the maximum loading of research and production capacities of the enterprises which are members of Association.
  3. Assistance in coordination of works and concentration of forces and means at the solution of the general tasks the space-rocket industry.
  4. Creating favorable conditions for development and expansion of business activity, trade and economic and scientific and technical interaction in the sphere of space activity.
  5. Representation and protection of interests of the enterprises and the organizations of the space-rocket industry in public authorities and local government, in the relations with commercial and non-profit organizations.
  6. Coordination and assistance of realization of measures for preparation of suggestions for improvement of regulatory legal base in the sphere of space activity.
  7. Providing members of Association with information on changes in a regulation of space activity, in existing normative legal acts in this sphere, normative and methodical documents and materials on a profile of their activity.
  8. Assistance to members of Association in carrying out examinations, in development of standards, techniques, programs, drafts of legislative and normative documents.
  9. Development, organization of performance and financing of programs, projects and Association actions.
  10. Assistance to establishment of communications and to development of cooperation between members of Association, expansion of opportunities of interaction of members of Association with governmental and non-governmental organizations of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, including banks and other financial institutions, professional associations and public organizations.
  11. Rendering the consulting and organizational help in creation of new specialized commercial and noncommercial structures in the space-rocket industry.
  12. Rendering assistance to members of Association in development, creation and development new and modernizations of existing technologies and productions, coordination of technical policy of members of Association, development of the techniques directed on savings of resources of the enterprises, making the missile and space equipment.
  13. Studying of current state, tendencies and problems of development of the space industry in the Russian Federation and abroad. Preparation and the publication of information, analytical and expert materials on actual problems for members of Association and society.
  14. Generalization of the best practices of leading world space powers and the international organizations for its application in activity of the enterprises entering into Association.
  15. The analysis of the world market of space production and services, search of potential partners among the foreign organizations and the companies for adjustment of contacts between them and members of Association, coordination of foreign economic activity of members of Association, assistance of implementation of the international space projects.
  16. Assistance in taking measures to protection of interests of producers of the missile and space equipment and founders of technologies, to ensuring their competitiveness in a foreign market.
  17. Assistance to vocational training and retraining of heads and employees of the space-rocket industry.
  18. Assistance to promotion of achievements of the space-rocket industry in space exploration.
  19. Assistance to preservation of a historical and cultural heritage of the space-rocket industry, savings of monuments of history of development of a space mankind.
  20. Implementation of other tasks of development of the enterprises making the missile and space equipment and creating space technologies according to the purposes of Association.

The Association acts under two constituent documents — the foundation agreement and the charter. Association passed the established order of state registration of legal entities.