Legal and organizational aspects

The association is contractual association of the organizations — legal entities. It is based on voluntary association of founder participants and entered in the subsequent in it new participants.

In the interests of achievement of the objectives provided by the charter, the Association can create other commercial and non-profit organizations and enter other associations and the unions.

The association is the owner of the property developing at the expense of regular and single receipts from participants, and also from gained income from authorized activity.

The non-profit organization can have in property or in operational management of the building, a construction, housing stock, the equipment, inventory, money in rubles and foreign currency, securities and other property. The non-profit organization can have in property or in termless using the land parcel.

Legal entities entering Association keep the independence and right ability. The association isn't body, higher in relation to subjects forming them, but function of coordination of business activity of these subjects assumes administrative impact on them from body to which they voluntary delegated appropriate authority. As any management is impossible without observance of the principle of obligation of administrative decisions, this principle is reflected in constituent documents of Association. At creation of association or the introduction in it at participants of association the volume of civil right ability doesn't change and signs of the legal entity inherent in them aren't lost. Therefore, participants of associations at their creation have the right to give part of the powers to association on a contractual basis and respectively in this part to assume liabilities and to bear contractual responsibility.

The association doesn't bear responsibility according to obligations of the members, and members of association answer for its obligations, the bases and limits of responsibility of members are defined in constituent documents of association which bear subsidiary responsibility, i.e. after responsibility of the main debtor — the Association.

The member of association has the right to leave it voluntary. The mechanism of realization of the right of the member of association from association is defined on an exit in the foundation agreement. This mechanism can't provide any restrictions of the right on an exit.

Practice of activity of associations shows that activity of concrete association depends on reasonableness of structure of management of association, authority of its management, on qualification of executive shots, on reasonableness of the programs accepted by participants and the chosen activities, and on the activity of members of association.

Members of association shouldn't wait that will be with association, and is active in it to participate in its activity and to receive from this participation of benefit. When receiving by each enterprise of certain and equivalent benefits will predetermine survivability of Association.